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the first ai coach built for managers

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60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months.

Give them the right tools they need to succeed.

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Proactive NOT Reactive

Does not require managers’ input to provide actionable guidance.

Personalized Approach

Adaptable coaching and training to each manager’s needs.

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Intuitive & Secure

Integrated into the manager’s daily workflow.

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Real-world Application

Beyond training, ensuring an effective learning process.

Transform your managers into workplace superstars

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Increase Team Performance

Clearly convey expectations, goals, and feedback.

Higher Team Engagement

Increase employee satisfaction and commitment.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Handle conflicts proactively.

Improved Decision-Making

Promotes a culture of innovative problem-solving.

Measure progress, provide guidance, and make improvements in real-time.

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At TARIY, our mission is to revolutionize management through innovation, data-driven insights, and a strong commitment to people. Our journey started with personal experiences that revealed the challenges of inefficient management and the absence of a comprehensive tool to enhance task efficiency and individuals' lives.

Our Story

TARIY was born from the realization that management is not just about processes and tasks; it's fundamentally about people. Our founder, inspired by these experiences, witnessed the profound impact of effective management on individuals and organizations. Fueled by a passion to empower individuals to be their best, TARIY's vision extends beyond task optimization to encompass holistic well-being within organizations.

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Our Core Beliefs:

  • Inclusive Management: We empower individuals from all backgrounds and positions to reach their full potential.
  • Efficiency for Growth: We create an environment where efficiency fuels growth and innovation.
  • Data-Driven Progress: We harness data and AI to catalyze positive change.
  • Paramount Equity: Equity and social justice are central to our mission, as we break down barriers and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of management.

Ready to be a part of the future of management?